Rear seats Autobiographyfor Lexus LX 570 and Toyota Land Cruiser 200

MBS Autobiography for premium SUVs Toyota LC200 and Lexus LX570 for the first time gives access to the comfort of the first class like in premium sedans.

Incredible convenience, great functionality and stylish design of the details - every inch of the interior is carefully designed to provide the best in its class level of comfort for everyone in the salon.

Thanks to the unique "commander's" seats MBS Autobiography for the first time gives the driver an excellent overview and more level of comfort.

New, wider and more soft seats with additional foam layers and high quality materials, such as Semi-Aniline leather, create a sensation of unrivaled luxury in the salon.

For these seats, various additions are available, among which adjustable popliteal support, lateral and lumbar supports, as well as a 12-point function of Active Massage.

New materials and magnificent options of furnish underline elegance of design decisions.

The multifunctional center console, smoothly turning into the front tunnel, high quality panels and comfortable storage compartments, harmoniously combined with the two passenger seats, making the interior same magnificent as the interior of a four-seater car.

Additional storage solutions, such as a deep compartment in the center console, and other options confirm the reasonableness and skill of execution in everything that you see and what you touch.

Conveniently located cup holders securely hold a сup of hot coffee or a bottle of mineral water.

At the touch of a button, the front passenger seat can be pushed forward, increasing space and improving the view for the passenger in the rear seat, and the increased backrest tilt adjustment range and integrated side cushions allow the seat to be brought to the most comfortable position.

No matter how long your journey is, into MBS Autobiography you will arrive at your destination as fresh and full of energy as you did at the beginning of the trip. MBS Autobiography guarantees that any trip will be stylish and comfortable.

Each element that you see and touch is performed masterfully and incredibly high quality.

This can be seen by looking at the rear seats of high comfort, which are included in the basic configuration of Autobiography.

The rear seats, like the front seats, have an increased width and more soft cushions.

These features are most brightly shown at back seats of the high comfort.

Such convenient rear seats became because of lateral support rollers, upper shoulder supports, soft headrests and Active Massage functions.

These functions make the Lexus LX Autobiography and Toyota LC Autobiography ideal for any journey.

Quick installation in one day
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    To install the seat, contact the dealer in your area. Select the design and features of the seat.

  • STEP 2

    Your order will be delivered as soon as possible.

  • STEP 3

    The seat is installed by a certified specialist in one day. You can plan an installation at the same time of your planned maintenance.

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