19 individual settings allow you to create personal comfort in your car, considering all the features of the structure of your body, the style of driving as well.


Designed with full retention of active and passive safety systems.


The installation of the Smart Seats MBS is carried out at our partner centre at earliest time.

Active smart seat for Lexus LX570
  • A new shape of headrest from integral foam
  • A new shape of the back part of the seat
  • A new ventilation system. 3 times more air entry points
  • 12 contour point massage system
  • Orthopedic perfect seat shape
  • Electronically controlled length of popliteal support
  • Increased seat back height
  • Increased seat back width
  • Multifunctional lumbar support
  • Adjustable side support
  • Independent controller Smart Box
  • Genuine leather
  • Enlarged width of popliteal support
Unparalleled electronically controlled popliteal support.

For the most comfortable position of the legs while driving, including using the Cruise Control function, we increased the width of the popliteal support and equipped it with an electronic adjustment system along the length.

  • The widest and most versatile popliteal support in the world, which has no analogues in any auto manufacturer.
  • Electronically adjustable length of popliteal support: 15 mm, 24 mm, 37 mm and 68 mm.

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A new headrest developed with the use of space technologies.

This part of your seat we paid special attention. The new headrest consists of 2 parts: internal and external.

The inner part is made with the use of rigid integral foam technology for more safety of the driver and passenger in case of impact from behind.

The outer part is made from soft polyurethane foam provides ideal support for cervical vertebrae and additional comfort.

Individual settings system

The result of cooperation between MBS Group specialists with the leading European design agencies and professional orthopedists of the German Association of Physicians AGR GmbH. Now the comfort of your car is customized by 100%. In the new seat you can adjust absolutely everything and enjoy the trip with maximum convenience.

  • Multifunctional electro-pneumatic adjustment of the lumbar support will allow you to "adjust" the seat for yourself in 4 sides: up-down and left-right.
  • A tight fit design will provide adjustable lateral support at high speeds.
  • 12-point pneumomassage helps restore strength and recharge your energy while you are driving your car for a long time.
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Control of all functions of premium Active Smart Seats is carried out through a special independent panel Smart Box. It is located on the right hand side of the driver's seat or on the left side of the passenger seat. Particular attention is paid to the appearance and ergonomics of the controller.

Decoration of the control panel with aluminum with a special anodized coating is perfectly combined with the original elements of the interior of your car.

Revolutionary design

We have developed a new seat architecture not only for more safety and comfort for the driver and passengers, but also striving to match modern design trends.

The new seat fits perfectly into the interior of the salon, adding to it style and luxury. Only premium quality leather of young bulls of hand-made production is used for upholstery, from Hewa Leder (Germany) and can be made in original colors. Rear seatback is made of eco-nappa with stitching.

Safety Certificates

The Active Smart seat is designed with full preservation of the standard systems for passive and active safety and consideration of all parameters in the technical regulations of the customs union.

Certified by the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union TRCU 018/2011, certificate number №0418053.

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    To install the seat, contact the dealer in your area. Select the design and features of the seat.

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    Your order will be delivered as soon as possible.

  • STEP 3

    The seat is installed by a certified technician. You can plan an installation at the same time of your planned maintenance.

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